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Inner Peace
Daybreak Session - Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

“If you cannot manage your mind or body, how can you manage anything else?” - Sadhguru speak.

People from all over the world come to India looking for a guru to show them the way of achieving Inner Peace. We bring the Guru to you. Begin your journey of Next Practices by embarking on a journey to discover Inner Peace in the first Daybreak Session.

Sadhguru is a profound yogi whose understanding and the mastery over the science of yoga comes from his inner experience. His work and life is dedicated to bringing physical, mental and inner well-being for all people, through the science of yoga.

As delegate to the United Nations' Millennium World Peace Summit and as a member of eminent global forums like the World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders and Alliance for New Humanity, Sadhguru works with the world's pre-eminent leaders to relieve human suffering, foster harmony and promote the dignity of all life.

The New World Economic Order
Inaugural Address - Hon'ble Shri Kamal Nath, Minister for Commerce & Industry, Government of India

The BRIC economies are re-arranging the world economic order, and that will form the new geo-political order. How will these forces reshape the future? What is the potential of these markets - visible and hidden? How are global corporations looking at the fast emerging economies? What can India offer to the world?

Any which way you look at it, the world has transformed dramatically. 'Services' has taken over from 'manufacturing' as the flagship of the economy; low cost supply sources are now also the emerging markets; workers in the developed world are losing their jobs to back office operators in the developing world; poverty-stricken third world nations are also the centres for cutting edge technology research... clearly, policy makers today cannot follow the beaten path and have the unenviable task of looking for novel ways to cater to the new world economic order.

As he inaugurates the Summit, listen to Hon’ble Shri Kamal Nath, Minister for Commerce & Industry, Government of India, who has been at the forefront of the opening up of the Indian economy as well as the WTO, and get insights on how to negotiate this new economic reality.

Best Practices to Next Practices
Keynote - Yann Risz, COO & Founding Partner, The Next Practice

The ‘best’ is not good enough today. In the heat of competition, tomorrow belongs to those that are 'better than the best'. Welcome to the realm of Next Practices. Practices that focus on the future and its anticipated trends, rather than studying the pick of the past. 

Unlike Best Practices, Next Practices isolate issues of critical importance for the future and frame them to create the right debate, both in business community and public policy.  

Listen to Yann Risz as he shows us how the pursuit of Next Practices creates opportunities for creative disruption that leads to exponential growth.

The Changing Face of India
Next Market - A Panel Discussion

As the world stood mesmerized with images of India's poverty, elephants, and snake charmers, little did it realise that a new India was raising its head at the turn of the millennium. Emerging from the dusty landscape were pictures of glitzy steel and glass offices, highways and flyways, young educated people, successful professionals, luxurious cars and gadgetry. The face of the new India reflects the glow of economic progress.

Listen and discuss with a panel of eminent speakers including the CEO of an Indian multinational, a former British diplomat who has chosen to live and work in India, the mentor of the leading Indian industry association, and a journalist par-excellence as they share with you how they have seen India change, and offer you tips on how to do business and communicate with stakeholders in India.

India & China: Capitalising on the Next Opportunities
Next Market - A Panel Discussion

India and China have been the cynosure of world business for the past decade and more. What next? With both economies poised for further accelerated growth ahead, the buzzwords of global investment today need to be studied with a fresh perspective. What would be the way forward to maximise on the ‘next opportunities’ in the Big Two? What opportunities exist for PR agencies in order to capitalise on these markets tomorrow? 

Listen to not one but two economists extraordinaire on opportunities ahead as the India-China juggernaut rolls on and learn how to ‘mine’ these opportunities.

The Changing Face of Communication
A CEO Panel Discussion

In a world transformed by new technology, conversations are increasingly being replaced by teleconferencing, emails, mobile messaging, chat rooms, blog postings, etc.

Unlearning traditional rules of communication while surfing the crest of change, the communicator of tomorrow needs a whole new rulebook. How is communication changing and what about communication is changing? What are the opportunities and challenges that communicators are facing?

Listen to the masters who sit at the pinnacle of communication firms as they nudge their companies to acquire new skills and tools to succeed in the new world.

An Odyssey to the top of Everest
Daybreak Session - Jamling Norgay, son of Tenzing Norgay

Tenzing Norgay, who along with Sir Edmund Hillary, became the first humans to conquer Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Listen to his son Jamling Tenzing Norgay narrate the story of this great achievement of conquering not only one of nature's challenges but also a fascinating story of the human spirit. It is an opportunity to experience the Himalayas that provides us a view of this fascinating world in this day break session.

“Tashi Delek” - greetings from the Himalayas - says Jamling as he follows in the footsteps of his father. In the family tradition, Jamling Tenzing continues to provide the world an opportunity to experience the Himalayas and provide us a view of this fascinating world.

Our Role in the New World
Keynote - Harold Burson, Founding Chairman, Burson-Marsteller

Corporate behaviour has dominated the business news headlines in the recent past. In the new world of intense public scrutiny by regulators, shareholders, consumers, media and NGOs, have public relations found its rightful place in the board room? Are we cognizant of our role of guiding corporate behaviour? What should we do to become the conscience of the companies we represent?

“Good communication cannot replace bad strategy” says Harold Burson, Chairman and founder of Burson-Marsteller. Listen to the father of the global public relations industry talk about the ‘real role’ of the public relations professional in the new future.

Tomorrow’s Public Relations Firm: Capabilities and Services
A CEO Panel Discussion

Given the changing face of communication and client expectations of the public relations firm - What will the new public relations firm look like? Will it matter whether you are global or local? What services will it offer? What will be the capabilities it will possess? We raise a mirror to ourselves as we prepare for the new future. Dialogue and discuss with the CEOs of top global public relations firms who amongst them have “been there and done that” many times over. They are at the forefront of defining the new public relations firm!

If you manage an office, country, or own a public relations firm any where in the world, you cannot miss this! A no-holds-barred panel discussion to be chaired by the Guru of public relations.

The Independent Firm: Surviving & Thriving!
A CEO Panel Discussion

In this global world, communication has to be ‘Glocal’ – global message with local interpretation and integrated – one message many tools. Therefore, can an independent firm hold its own against the might of global integrated networks? With the industry getting increasingly polarised with large umbrella holding firms, will the independent survive?

“It will not only survive but thrive” seems to be the consensus. Let us hear what the panel members from very successful independent firms from across the world say. How are they doing this? What are they doing to alter their war books to continue to thrive?

Discuss the growth of the independent firm with our eminent panelists from around the globe.

Measurement: Our Holy Grail
Next Practice

Our body of knowledge is overflowing with research papers, specialists on what to measure and how to measure. But as an industry we continue to struggle to communicate the impact of our programmes and return-on-investment to our clients.

Media measurement, the traditional dipstick to check the efficacy of public relations programmes, is evolving and broadening itself as it also makes way to newer, more effective methods of measuring behaviour. New programmes take a broader, more holistic view of public relations and include its impact on all stakeholders and how communication is shaping public behaviour.

Engage with experts in media and behaviour measurement and learn about Next Practices in measuring the impact of your public relations programmes while balancing budgets and investments in measurement. See case studies of successful measurement programmes and learn how you can adopt some of the tools and techniques.

Talent: Our Greatest Asset

If there is one significant challenge that faces all consultancies across the world – big, small, global or local, it is Talent! How to attract and retain the best talent in our business?

Perhaps the greatest change in the world of business has been how companies have focused on building and nurturing their workforce - a term now substituted by 'people capital' to reflect more accurately the value attached to it.

What will be the shape of the new firm, what are the Next Practices of progressive companies across various sectors and most importantly what are the people expecting of their employers?

To give us some insights of what is happening currently and what we should expect going forward, Jeff Fuller, Principal Advisor, Mercer Consulting, the leading Human Resource Consulting firm, shares his thoughts and findings along with a CEO of a global public relations firm.

Connect, Collaborate and Share: Creating Business Impact
Next Practice - A Panel Discussion

Application of collective wisdom in everything we do is a desire and a dream of a consulting organisation. Not only does it provide depth of expertise and breakthrough thinking to clients, it also creates bottom line impact through improved effectiveness and productivity. Is this the Shangri-La of public relations? Often heard, read about, but never seen!

Technology can truly transform the lives of knowledge workers – the communication professional. Use of technology can allow you to connect with anyone, collaborate with clients and colleagues and can give true meaning to the advertising line of a former telecom brand “geography is history”.

Listen to the head of leading software company talk about the Next Practices for a knowledge worker and his interface with technology. A senior partner in a global consulting organisation will share his experience as a user in application of technology to create value in business company. Take away ideas about possible technologies and practices that you could implement in your business to improve effectiveness of your work and creating value for your business. Add to it the perspective of the CEO of a leading international public relations organization.

The Internet has changed our world: User is in-charge
Next Practice

While the internet has travelled through the dotcom boom to bust to the dot again, it has undeniably changed our world. It has democratized information and given power of knowledge to the individual as they make more informed choices and express and share their opinion freely across boundaries and time zones.

We cannot wish away blogs, flogs, wikies, podcasts and many other instruments that put the user in-charge. A close look is required at how this is already impacting each of our lives through technologies that are established today as well as those that are in their nascent stage of development. How should the communicator confront this reality and capitalize this opportunity?

Meet a legendary technology editor, an original internet entrepreneur from India, and a techy PR firm, to cut through the hype and discuss Next Practices in harnessing the power of internet to communicate with individuals and communities.

What do I do when I get back?
Key Learnings - KP Consulting, India

Often conferences present interesting discussions but fall short of forming an action agenda. Hopefully this will be a Summit with a difference. Not only is it our endeavour to provide a meaningful platform of discussion and deliberation – and not just power point presentations – but also capture the learning from the various speakers and form an action agenda for the public relations consultancy.

Our knowledge partner will provide a debrief of the conference to capture the essence of the learning of the two days and present us a package of practical ideas on how you can adopt those learning’s within you own company. So when you get back to your desk you are not left wondering – now what should I really be focusing on?


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