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“If you cannot manage your mind or body, how can you manage anything else?” - Sadhguru speak.

People from all over the world come to India looking for a guru to show them the way of achieving Inner Peace. We bring the Guru to you. Begin your journey of Next Practices by embarking on a journey to discover Inner Peace in the first Daybreak Session.

Sadhguru is a profound yogi whose understanding and the mastery over the science of yoga comes from his inner experience. His work and life is dedicated to bringing physical, mental and inner well-being for all people, through the science of yoga.

As delegate to the United Nations' Millennium World Peace Summit and as a member of eminent global forums like the World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders and Alliance for New Humanity, Sadhguru works with the world's pre-eminent leaders to relieve human suffering, foster harmony and promote the dignity of all life.


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